Lacee’s Personal Background




“Purpose is the reason for your journey; Passion is the fire that lights your way.”

My journey to become an Occupational Therapist began when I was very young.  My uncle, Ryan, has Down syndrome and I can remember growing up “teaching” him how to count, add, and read in my “school house”.  I loved to hear his stories and loved for my grandmother to tell me of all the things he has been working on and his journey.  I have always felt extremely blessed to have Ryan as my uncle for he has taught me so many things including; unconditional love, pure joy, complete forgiveness, belly ache laughter and what hard work can help you achieve.

My passion for each and every child is to help them be the best for themselves.  It is so important to play and love and meet each child where they are at to help find what means the most to them.

Life is full of excitement and disappointment; I want to experience all that I can with each child to help them find their passion and journey in life.

I have been married for 3 years and we have a daughter that is 15 months.  It has been such a wonderful experience becoming a mom and I am honored each and every time a family lets me work with their child.  It is not an easy feat to find someone to trust enough with our children.

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